Penrith City Council

Penrith is transforming to meet the needs and aspirations of people across the region. It is important that we create a future where everyone can benefit from this growth and its opportunities. 

In 2022, Council prepared and finalised our Disability Inclusion Action Plan for 2022-26 after extensive consultation with people with disability, carers, friends and service providers sharing their insights and experiences. The Plan identifies opportunities for improvement and will help guide Council in continuing to make Penrith a more accessible and inclusive City for everyone.  

Council has since been implementing the Plan and working with partners across Penrith with great success. 

Penrith Council recognises that people living with disability can experience barriers that prevent them from leading meaningful, independent lives. Over 25,000 people who call Penrith home live with a disability — and 1 in every 20 residents live with a profound or severe disability. 

In the last year, we have developed inclusive playgrounds such as the David Currie playspace at St Clair and another playground at Tench Reserve on the Nepean River. 

We’re creating autism-friendly playspace guides, a Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan, a City Employment Challenge to boost meaningful employment for people living with a disability, and much more. 

Penrith Council is also proud to be a part of the Zero Barriers project, where we’re working with local businesses to help them become more accessible. 

We are proud to continue creating accessible and inclusive spaces in our City. This work is a small example of the success that Penrith Council is building upon. 

For more information, visit the Accessible Penrith page on Councill’s website(