Healthy Feasts at Penrith Group Home

Healthy Feasts at Penrith Group Home

At Afford, we continuously search for ways to encourage healthy lifestyles for our Day Program clients, supported employees and Group Home residents.

We work hard to give every individual the power to be in control of their own lives because we understand the importance of living a healthy life through moderating or choosing nutritious meals as well as regular exercise.

When we dropped into Butterflies Group Home, we were very pleased to see residents Lynette, Margaret, Scharni and Rachel incorporating healthy lifestyle planning into their weekly cooking sessions. The cooking programs at our group homes are focused on empowering clients to cook and plan for their meals independently. 

Supported by a lifestyle assistant, they go shopping for groceries every Saturday morning and purchase items according to each person’s different cooking days. They pick the fruit, vegetables and other items from the shelf, which they add to their trolley. They have also learnt how to use the scanners at Nepean Square Penrith Coles, giving them greater independence on their shopping trip.

All the ladies at Butterflies are involved in the day to day cooking program. With minimal assistance, they prepare their own healthy lunches for daily outings to their Day Program. In addition to using groceries they have bought, the ladies also pick herbs from their herb garden to use in cooking at dinnertime.

All Butterflies ladies prepare the menu around their dietary needs and communicate their likes and dislikes at the resident meeting held monthly. By going through this meal preparation process each week, the ladies have developed confidence to plan ahead, budget and cook meals they enjoy. 

Well done Butterflies! We can’t wait to see what you dish up next!

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