The Benevolent Society Supports People in Transition

The Benevolent Society

Since the roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme across New South Wales, we’ve been improving services for people with disability. The scheme is designed to be consumer-directed, giving people with disability, their families and carers, more choice and control over their supports.

Making a daunting experience easier

Negotiating the NDIS can be daunting, whether you are reviewing your plan or setting up a plan for the first time. The Benevolent Society endeavours to make the process as simple as possible. As one of Australia’s largest providers of specialist disability services, The Benevolent Society has helped hundreds of people with disability transition onto the NDIS and even undergo their first and second reviews.

Providing specialist disability support services to meet your goals

As Australia’s oldest charity, The Benevolent Society has been making positive change for over 200 years. The organisation provides specialist disability services with multidisciplinary teams, including: physiotherapists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, positive behaviour support, psychologists, clinical nurse consultants and many others.

The organisation also provides support services specifically designed for smooth NDIS transitions.

This includes support coordination, which helps people organise the services on their plans, as well as capacity building, which helps people reach their life goals. The Benevolent Society’s mobile workforce is always at hand, accessible through online platforms, and ready to service participants at home, school and other convenient locations.

There for you during life transitions…

There are many points in life when you may need a bit of extra support. These are usually at life transition moments, when you move from one stage to the next. The Benevolent Society has supported many people in New South Wales and across the country through just these moments. Whether it be a child’s first diagnosis, or the point where they are leaving school, The Benevolent Society have the experience, knowledge and supports to see you through. While life transitions can be challenging, with the right supports they can also be rewarding periods of growth, achievement and pride.

Dane’s Story: A transition to independence

Dane’s story is just one example of how The Benevolent Society provided assistance through a significant life transition. Dane had recently finished high school, and relied on his mum, Jo, for assistance with day-to-day living. With the familiar routine of high school now over, Dane and his mother Jo were nervous by what Dane’s day might look like and how he might achieve the level of independence needed for life as a young adult. Jo also wanted to see Dane get more involved in the activities that other young men enjoyed. It wasn’t long before Jo was introduced to The Benevolent Society.

Mellisa from The Benevolent Society became Dane’s case manager, and it was an instant connection which evolved into a cherished relationship between Mellisa, Dane and his mother. By facilitating Dane’s involvement in activities like surfing and skating, Mellisa and Jo watched as Dane learned a lot of new skills that set him on the path to becoming as independent as possible.

Through the help of his case manager Mellisa and the vital support services provided through The Benevolent Society, Dane has become a vibrant member of the community, getting himself out there and doing things that make both Mellisa and Jo glow with pride. Jo always knew Dane could do it, but she doesn’t know how he could do it without the support of The Benevolent Society.

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